1.  Which Credit Union/Bank do you belong to?
2.  How long have you been using BudgetSmart?

0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
More than a year

3.  Did you find BugdetSmart easy to install? Very Easy
Not Easy
4.  Did you have any technical problems during the download process? Yes
5.  If you had technical problems, please answer the following questions:
  a. What Operating System do you have on your computer? Windows 98
Windows NT
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
  b. If you have Windows 98, do you have Service Pack 2 installed? Yes
  c. Is this a home computer or business computer? Home
  d. If this is a business computer, do you have permission to download new software? Yes
  e. If this is a business computer, are you aware of an internet firewall that may have been installed by your IT department to prevent installations? Yes
  f. Have you personally installed new software on your computer via download or by CD? Yes
  g. Does the program fail when downloading or when starting the program? When downloading
When starting
  h. Specify the steps taken for installation
  i. Specify the error message
6.  How user friendly would you describe the BudgetSmart software? Very user friendly
User friendly
Not user friendly
7.  Would you refer the BudgetSmart software to a friend or family member? Yes
8.  How often do you track your expenses on BudgetSmart? Weekly
Not at all
9.  How helpful would you describe BudgetSmart? Very helpful
Not Helpful
10.  Would you be interested in receiving future BudgetSmart upgrades? Yes
11.  Have you encountered any errors or problems while using BudgetSmart? Yes
12.  What changes or improvements would you recommend for the next BudgetSmart version?
13.  If used on a consistent basis, do you think BudgetSmart will bring more order to your personal finances? Absolutely
14.  Would you like a BudgetSmart representative to contact you about any technical problems that you had? Yes
15.  If yes, please include your phone number and email address. Your personal information will remain confidential
16.  Would you be willing to participate in future surveys conducted by BudgetSmart? Yes
17.  If yes, please include your phone number and email address. Your personal information will remain confidential
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