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  Each month, most people spend 10 percent more money than they make.
Now there is a smarter way to manage your money. BudgetSmart is an easy-
to-use software tool designed to help you manage money more effectively.

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*Contact your institution for the institution code and password to download BudgetSmart.
BudgetSmart can only be used with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

BudgetSmart is a program of GreenPath, Inc. GreenPath, Inc. is also known as:
GreenPath Financial Wellness
GreenPath Debt Solutions
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Michigan
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern New York
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northwest Illinois
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northern Indiana

GreenPath headquarters:

36500 Corporate Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48331-3429

Our principal officers:

Jane Sydlowski, Chair
Michael Poulos, Treasurer
Susan Webb, Secretary
Kristen Holt, President & CEO


Read P. Dunn
John Frith
Herman Gray, M.D.
William J. Richards
Donna Ventimiglia

Rebecca Morelli, Assistant Secretary